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Make your software launch Aaron's WebVacuum!  Contact us at for more information. Efforts will be made to keep the syntax stable over different versions, but nothing is guaranteed.
These parameters work with both the free and registered version of Aaron's WebVacuum, Versions 2.2 and higher.

Syntax to launch Aaron's WebVacuum: (As of April 4, 2004)


Only one parameter is to be passed, but it can contain many items in a comma delimited fashion. Correct syntax is:

webvacuum.exe URL,closeonfinish(0=no,1=yes),numberoflevels{0-99 or a=all),dontgohuigherthanurl(0=no,1=yes),autodownload(0=no,1=yes,2=justloaduptheWebVac), dir, dir mode, howmanyextensions,ext1…x, roomforexpansion


  1. URL
  2. closeonfinish (Byte: byte 1 close on finish 0=n, 1=y; byte 2 and 3 run regular 00, min 01, max 10; byte 4 0=normal, 1=pic only)
  3. numberoflevels{0-99 or a=all)
  4. dontgohuigherthanurl(0=no,1=yes)
  5. autodownload(0=no,1=yes,2=justloaduptheWebVac) (2 not implemented)
  6. directory (0 for none)
  7. directory mode (0=none,1=All in same,2=Group by WebSite, 3=Group by Site and Dir, 4=Date & Site)
  8. How Many Extensions (0=default)
  9. Extension1(format ‘ext’),Extension2, etc.
  10. roomforexpansion


Web Vacuum - Download EVERYTHING from Web Sites! Web Vacuum - Download EVERYTHING from Web Sites!
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